Lesson 4 - Meet your strongest self

Standing in your strongest self - embodying your wise, inner elder

We all have a variety of parts inside - parts that feel rebellious, parts that feel shy, parts that feel frightened, insecure, or small.

We also have our inner elder - what you may think of as your wisest, strongest, highest self. People have different names for this part (and I encourage you to use the name that feels right and good to you.)

But no matter the name, what this part does is hold all the other parts together. It helps steer the ship of our lives, and connects us to our guidance, inner knowing, inner wisdom, intuition, and all the qualities of heart - compassion, patience, love, firmness, tendnerness - that care for our body and being.

Today you're going to learn more about this part and how it relates to our other selves. And to put this teaching into action, I invite you to spend some time learning about this part.

Like any relationship, intimacy is built step by step. The more time we spend with someone, the more we get to know them, and the more our intimacy deepens.

Connecting with this inner elder or inner leader regularly can help you feel grounded, strong, resilient and capable through the winds and storms of cravings and life.

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