Day 6 - Moving from the head to the heart

What does it mean to move from the head to the heart?

When we look at overeating through the head, we tend to fixate on behavior. We tend to view overeating as a “moral issue,” and divide it into right and wrong. And we often feel strongly about eliminating or cutting out those “wrong” parts – what creates a split within our own being.

But when we move into the heart, we tend to see differently. Rather than approaching ourselves morally, we approach ourselves through deep emotion: how do we feel moved?

This movement of the heart is not a surface level of feeling. It’s a sense, an attuned perception that goes beyond the thinking mind. As the heart senses or sees anew, something in us quickens and stirs. We perceive our overeating behavior differently.

Looking through the eyes of the heart, we look behind and underneath overeating behavior to see the vulnerability that’s there. We touch something tender, and this tenderizes us. Rather than responding with frustration or attack, we respond with warmth, kindness, compassion and courage.

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