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KINDLY NOTE: In this video I state that the Align class begins on February 25. That was the 2019 start date of the class.

I appreciate that this can be confusing! Please ignore this date as it's not valid for the home study course. You may start whenever you feel moved to begin.

Heal the battle with your inner rebel

Finally, the power to follow through

When you want to make changes with food or your body or habits, you may bump into your inner rebel.

Whether it's setting a limit (like eating less sugar) or creating something new (like exercising regularly), the inner rebel is a part of you that rears up with strong feelings of "No!" and resistance when you try to change.

​When you feel caught between your inner rebel and the parts of you that long to grow, you can feel stuck and frustrated.

In the webinar, ​​you'll learn how to soften the inner rebel and ease the battle between these parts.

It's a preview of my course Align: Heal the Battle with Your Inner Rebel. Whether you long to create changes in how you eat, how you care for your body, or other forms of self care, these teachings can help you move forward when you feel stuck in feelings of resistance.

​One last thing to share: in the webinar, I read a poem by May Sarton, The Use of Force. You can find it below.

The Use of Force by May Sarton


I had to force my cat,


Into the carrier

To take him to the Vet.

He fought so hard

I nearly fell

Holding him down,

And when at last

I managed to force

His paws under the lid

And closed it,

I began to cry.

His pride,

His sense of himself,

Noble cat,

Emperor of this domain

Had been


The use of force

Exacts a formidable price

In self-loathing.

I was bruised

At the center

Where I dreamed

Tigers caught,

Women beaten

Over and over

Who always lose,

Wept bitter tears

For Pierrot

And for myself.

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